Wednesday 2nd August - Monday 7th August 2017
Bush Farm Bison Centre, West Knoyle, Wiltshire BA12 6AE

“When you recognise magnificence in others it gives you the opportunity to see it in yourself and vice versa
I have seen both in the last few days and it takes my breath away”

FreeSpirit Community Living Camps, offer a wonderful opportunity for all to enjoy five relaxing and inspiring days together as community, within the beautiful surrounds of the Wiltshire countryside.
“Thank you for inviting us to FreeSpirit. It was easily the best weekend of my summer!”

Adult Full Ticket: £110 / Weekend Ticket: £70

Under 21's Full Ticket: £50 / Weekend Ticket: £30 / Under 5's ~ FOC
(Includes camping, facilities, workshops, organic evening meal and entrance to the farm)

Day Tickets: Adult ~ £25 / Under 21's ~ £10
(Includes workshops, organic evening meal and entrance to the farm)

Ticket Prices
We wish for this event to be 100% inclusive and wouldn’t want anyone to miss it for money reasons. Although there is a set price, we also offer the option of paying less if the price is truly out of your range.  Please drop us an email brief explaining your circumstances and we will see what we can work out.  We offer this in trust, that folks will honour the spirit in which it is offered.

Log Cabin: (only one available)
The Log Cabin is furnished with a double futon bed, lighting, heating, power sockets and a TV!!
Bring all your own bedding and camping equipment as for camping but without the tent.
Cabin Cost for 5 Days: £180
To book the cabin please contact Richard Parker on

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Booking Enquiries:
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“I loved the feeling of community, we felt a part of a big extended family.”
FreeSpirit is all about bringing together like minded people so that we may inspire one another to live more sustainable and fulfilling lives.  Over the five days we will be living, working and playing together as a community with an intention of co-creating a harmonious and nurturing environment, where everyone is welcome to be themselves and are invited to share in making the camp a very special and vibrant experience.

Alongside this, there is an inspiring blend of creative, playful, informative and healing workshops for all to enjoy offered by members of the community.  The camp also encourages creative independence for children, as a safe space to make friends, explore and play, whilst offering adventurous and imaginative activities.

“The kids had an amazing time, thanks.”

Support the day to day running of the camp, learn new ways to be more sustainable at home, discover new forms of creative expression, feel the support of kind, generous and wholesome people, let yourself relax, open up and re-discover your natural state of wellbeing.

Open to all, families, couples, friends and individuals… we invite you to come and share in creating the magic of FreeSpirit!!
Words from 2016
“Camping in the field with a bunch of awesome people - fire, stars, sparks, drums, songs, stories, smiles, hugs, dancing, cooking, eating... And lots of new friends, love and understanding.” - Natalia

“I feel so blessed to have been part of this lovely inspiring camp - there were so many shining virtues running like a thread through each day, I would like to thank you for your friendship, honour you for your commitment, express my gratitude for all the effort, preparation and the spirit of service which resulted in such a harmonious healing gathering.  'So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole earth’ ” - Geoff

“Amazing week away with lovely people, beautiful surroundings and lots of inspirational workshops! :)” - Melanie

“Another year on and it felt as if we'd never left the bison farm.” - John

“Thank you for the most wonderful, serene, tranquil, spiritual, warm, loving five days spent together. I will carry the spiritual glow close to my heart and pass it on whenever I can to people close and around me. X” - Jenny

Photos from Previous Years
2016 20152014 / 2013

A flavour of what's on offer
Community Building ~ Get Involved and meet people with the day to day activities like cooking, fire lighting, looking after the site, community gatherings & team games; also become a part of an extended family to support you on your journey through the camp.
Workshops ~  Drumming around the Fire, Morning Yoga & Tai Chi, Dance like no one is watching, Sacred Rituals & Chanting, Creative & Natural Crafts.
Rest & Relaxation ~ Nature Walks, Sound Baths, Healing Therapies & Meditations.
Learn New Skills ~ Environmental Awareness, Permaculture, Personal Development & Healthy
Children's Activities ~ Wide Games, Climbing, Cooking, Dance, Yoga, Clay, Drumming & Bushcraft Skills.
Fun for all ~ Camp Fire Songs, Stories & Tales, Games and so much more...
“I absolutely loved the laid back atmosphere and all the workshops that were put on.”   
The Beautiful Site
Bush Farm Bison Centre ~ a lovely campsite where you can see many animals including Elk, Raccoons, G
uanaco, Rhea, Prairie dogs and Chipmunks as well as the Bison. You can  wander around 30 acres of old Oak woodlands with a beautiful lake and a children's play area with swings. There is a display of Native American art and artefacts together with information on the history of bison.
“Wonderful atmosphere and ambience and it didn't matter at all about the rain.”
Wondrous spaces to connect, hang out & simply be
Central Fire ~ Large, warm & welcoming for community gatherings, music & magic.
Festival Marquee ~ For workshops and chilling out, beautifully decorated
with Indian drapes and candle lit, with lots of cushions and blankets for comfort.
Native American Tipi ~ Connect with your tribal roots and each other around a warm central fire.
Creative Space ~ Let your imagination run free using a wide selection of natural materials.
Woodland Space ~ Lose yourself in nature and discover the Earth beneath your feet.
Healing Area ~ Tranquillity for FreeSpiriters to offer holistic therapies to each other.
Meditation Space ~ Peacefully being, Buddhas, books and candles to inspire.
Kitchen ~ Communal preparation and cooking facilities for all to use, with plenty of space for hanging out and impromptu happenings.
“Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to organising Free Spirit Camp. It was even better than last year and is evolving into something quite special.”
- Bush Farm Bison Centre is located in West Knoyle, Wiltshire just North of Shaftesbury near the A303, Postcode BA12 6AE.
- Campsite facilities include drinking taps, hot water hand basins, dish washing sinks, flushing toilets & hot showers.
-Parents need to be responsible for their children at all times.
- Camper-vans & caravans are welcome.
- Sadly dogs are not allowed due to animals being kept on the 
- The gate will be open from 10am on Wednesday 2nd August,  welcome dinner is at 6pm and opening circle at 8pm. (Gate closes at 8pm). 
-Closing circle is on Sunday afternoon   All are welcome to stay until Monday and if possible, help with packing up.
- You need to provide your own camping equipment and food for breakfasts & lunches.
- We are providing the essential foods for all our communal organic vegetarian evening meals however we ask that everyone brings along luxury items to share with this, for example breads, chutneys, home grown products, drinks, crisps, nuts, jams and of course lots of cakes and biscuits.
- Refreshments & light meals are also available from the bison farm café.
- If you would like to offer a workshop or activity there is always space for impromptu happenings and can be 
programmed in during the camp.
- Please feel free to bring and share anything else that feels appropriate within the spirit o
f the camp.
- Most importantly remember to bring a sense of adventure, your smiles and lots of warm clothes, as the evenings there can be a little chilly. 

Booking Enquiries:
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For any other information about the camp, please contact Richard Parker:
Phone: 02380 554445 / 07769901615

Testimonials From Previous Camps
“Just back from yet another heart warming, heart filling, connective and re-connective FreeSpirit annual camp. Every year I feel more and more connected to it and to the sense of community. It really is just an amazing group of people that go and make it so special” 
“The most soul nurturing, fire sitting, yoga stretching, children playing, heart sharing FreeSpirit Camp”
“I’m feeling reconnected with the Spirit of Humanity, and it's all your fault! Thank you lovely Humans”
“Feeling very blessed to have spent 5 days with you all in such a gentle, loving and real space - and with so much laughter and creativity too!" 
“Still riding high on the beautiful camp energy from spending time together in community with such warm open gorgeous people”


“I love the FreeSpirit Camp. It seems to exist in a timeless, boundless space, yet it flashes by so quickly. Removing pegs that I was putting in the ground only seconds ago, or was it months? And the connections we make feel the same - did we meet today, or yesterday, or a lifetime ago?”
“Soul food for me ... special moments with so many people, much laughter & care, & inspiration for living a more heart-led life”
“A lovely wonderful time spent with lovely wonderful people, thank you everyone”
“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone at camp. I had a great time, it was so lovely to spend time with such caring, selfless and giving people”

“Just had the most amazing time at FreeSpirit Community Camp with the Active Arts crew. Drumming, crafts, singing, dancing, eating, walking, teaching African song & sitting by the campfire under the most starriest of skies with great company, feeling very grateful to have met such wonderful people. x”


“What a great week! Loved every minute, we had the best time ever sad it's over but sooo grateful to have spent such a magical time and formed strong friendships xx love and peace xx”


“Thank you for organising another stonking camp and thanks to all the truly scrumptious people who were there.” 


“I said to a few people when I arrived it felt like coming home. I truly appreciate the chance to just relax and be myself without feeling the need to 'fit in' or impress anyone. Looking forward to next year already!!”

"Thank you everyone for being so wonderful and being part of such a wonderful and exciting week. I loved every minute and look forward to doing more....Hugs to all"

"Thank you to everyone for welcoming me and my little men into camp. Joseph gained confidence and can't stop talking and playing out aspects of camp that he loved and Benjamin showed me how independent he can be! I found the whole experience and the people I met amazing and inspiring plus gained confidence in myself for surviving a week of camping with two toddlers! I would love to come again and hope to participate more next time"

"I'm feeling full of gratitude for the chance to be part of this year's camp and I wish I could have gone around hugging everyone goodbye"

"Thank you so much for having us at camp even though it was only for a short time it has affected us both. Rosie has subsequently written a song about the camp, drawn pictures and generally cannot wait until next year"

"I had an amazing time and I realised today that after being at my 5th camp, going there feels like an annual family reunion"

"I'd like to thank you all for welcoming us to camp. We had the most wonderful time. I have been on my own little journey and come away feeling like a stronger Mother, better Wife and also with some new direction in my (very part time) working life. Rose has come away with a little less OCD and a lot more yellow! "

"thanks for a wonderful week, loved my time with Free Spirit and all the beautiful souls I met there. Really appreciate all at Active Arts for creating this space"

“WOW! So sad to leave the camp. As a first-timer at the camp, it was so easy to slot in, we were welcomed like old friends. There was so much to do, or not, if you so desired. I wanted to experience as much as I could. It was refreshing to be part of such a genuine community of open, non-judgemental, happy, giving people. This is what life should be like. People sharing their gifts and knowledge, doing selflessly for others. The kids were devastated to leave, (as was I). They just loved the atmosphere, the freedom and the bush craft knowledge that was so freely given to them.  Thanks for the vision and the energy to have put this together.” Sarah Fulke

“Still buzzing. Was so hard to leave, felt like it was pulling us back until we were far enough away to break free. Such an amazing place,
camp and group of people.”

“FreeSpirit 2011 was a thoroughly well planned and coordinated camp in a peaceful place with a lovely community of people.  We all learnt something different in the many workshops and came away having relaxed and had fun.  We are already looking forward to next summers camp and have marked in the dates!  Thanks for a wonderful week and great holiday.”  Kirstin, Charlie and Elizabeth. x

“It was a shame we had to leave early but we had such a great time :)”

“The community spirit was great and I really enjoyed helping prepare and serve the food - it not only made me feel useful but it helped me get to know some of the people and for them to know me.” Sylvia Parsons

“When you organise the next one I will definitely be there.”

“I only came for one day but so glad I did - despite the rain. The energy in the camp was astounding - I loved the fact that there were so many flavours! From 'right out there in your face' to 'quiet, laid back and chilled'! Each one adding to the overall experience.  I was also deeply impressed by the evening meal - to produce such delicious food for so many, under such conditions, with so little space, equipment. “ Gail Loudon

“It was an amazing experience and I met some lovely kind and genuine people who I will be staying in touch with.”

“The camp experience was really fabulous. I felt that I could trust people with helping me look after Cherise (aged 8) they were so willing which is nice, it meant a lot to me. I can see that it would be easy for an individual to come alone as it didn't feel 'clicky', I felt I didn't have to necessarily socialise with my friends and very easily speak to everybody, making new friends.”  Alia Khan

"Just wanted to say thanks again for organising the camp, it was fantastic!”

“We were welcomed by everyone and it was lovely to see a few familiar faces as well. A true celebration. I didn't attend as many workshops as I thought I would but sometimes it was just nice to let myself 'be' and enjoy a conversation with someone or sit by the fire. There was a good variety of workshops though and I enjoyed everything I attended.”

"Just what I needed"




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